Wednesday, 3 November 2010

making festive finkstuff

I was only going to put pictures on this blog, but hey ho, here's some writing.I'm making festive things for my etsy shop and I'm already regretting the writing thing as I now have to make a link and really I'm rubbish at that...I shall now try the photo thing...second time lucky, already uploaded the same photo twice tra la....

1 comment:

  1. These are gorgeous - I love the details. The gingerbread man button is too cute. :-)
    BTW - to make a link - when you're writing the post copy your link ready, then highlight the word you want to be the link then at the top of the writing pane theres a button that looks like a little green earth with a link of chain; between the font colour and the left alignment buttons. Click this and you can paste your link into the window that opens. Hit ok and tada - your selected word will have become the hyperlink.
    Love you paintings on the blog, keep it up! Rx