Thursday, 30 December 2010

I know I shouldn't...

...get over-excited by objects as really, stuff is just stuff.
I have yearned for candlesticks such as these for years and years since seeing them in Stockholm, but the prices were just stupid. Until this year's John Lewis half price clearance.
Oh joy.

I have two.
Happy Birthday to me from me.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

When you can't get out, get making.

It has been stupidly cold here the past few days and very,very snowy.I have ventured as far as the bird feeders but that is my limit, so indoors fun for me. And indoors fun includes making stuff.

One of the pleasures of quilting in Winter is how cosy it is hand sewing on a cold day with at least one quilt over your knees.

This double sided knee quilt has just arrived with its new owner in time for Christmas, I learned how to make these double sided self-quilting knee quilts on a course a few years ago at a very lovely quilting shop in Bury St Edmunds,

It is a really useful design, excellent for using up bits and bobs left over from other projects and as the padded squares are made individually then sashed together, it grows fast: the sashing isn't padded and the quilt folds up into a neat little square for storage.

Pattern and instructions at I just couldn't get this link to work properly,sorry!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Tiny Worlds and The Curse of The Open Studio.

Yes! Open Studio Day! Thursday evening was spent reorganising the table and re-displaying everything ready for Open Studio, I had newly made necklaces and brooches to sell, more decorations and gift tags and, most important this one, ladies who had said they would be coming.
11am... a lady arrives, the coffee is freshly brewed the cakes freshly made ( a choice of cranberry and orange or blueberry and lemon muffins).
Just past 11 it goes dark.
VERY dark.
VERY suddenly.
The snow starts and doesn't stop until 2pm ,when my Open Studio is Officially Over. The lovely lone lady swiftly made her purchases ( thank you) and left hastily before the very hilly town we live in became impassable. Some ladies called to apologise for not coming ( thank you also)...oh, yes, the curse of the Open Studio is alive and kicking!

Some Tiny Worlds brooches were sold, but these five new ones can now be found in my Folksy Shop- along with the felt necklaces.

Purchased this weekend, they could be with you for Christmas.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


And grey and foggy and generally best to stay indoors making things.Here is a quilt I've been working on for way too long- started it ages ago ( to embarrassed to confess just how many ages ago) made all the outer panels than realised I hadn't got the design of the central panel right.

Then I saw a wonderful bird on a slipware bowl in Norwich Castle museum and knew exactly what the centre panel needed. It is now at the hand quilting and embroidering stage.

Made using soft brushed cotton fabrics it is a pleasure to hold and sew and keeps the knees lovely and cosy when working on it.Keeping the cat off is proving problematic.

Also started a painting- a small version of a large one- here's day one:

Friday, 3 December 2010

New colourful funky felty necklaces

I've really had fun putting these necklaces together- different colours, textures and shapes and the warm woolly felt has -almost- kept my fingers warm.Now in my folksy shop.

Too cold to go outside....

Way too cold and miserable for anyone to leave the house, so the Open Studio was a non-event: but cakes were baked in readiness- chocolate, cranberry and orange muffins and home made mincemeat muffins in case you want to know- so we shall enjoy some of those with a cup of tea later. Everything was set up last night, just in case anyone was foolhardy enough to brave the ice and snow and bitter winds this morning. So, here it is, in case you are thinking of coming along to the next one when there will be even more on sale and possibly above zero temperatures outside...we can but dream....

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Preparing for Open Studio

Busy making pins, brooches and necklaces, making displays and generally making, making and making festive things for my Open Studio on Friday.Still wondering if it was a wise idea,but we'll see....fingers crossed.When not sewing.