Thursday, 9 December 2010


And grey and foggy and generally best to stay indoors making things.Here is a quilt I've been working on for way too long- started it ages ago ( to embarrassed to confess just how many ages ago) made all the outer panels than realised I hadn't got the design of the central panel right.

Then I saw a wonderful bird on a slipware bowl in Norwich Castle museum and knew exactly what the centre panel needed. It is now at the hand quilting and embroidering stage.

Made using soft brushed cotton fabrics it is a pleasure to hold and sew and keeps the knees lovely and cosy when working on it.Keeping the cat off is proving problematic.

Also started a painting- a small version of a large one- here's day one:


  1. Love the bird, looks like a demented chicken to me.

  2. Or a dodo? I love the quilt - wish I had the patience for such a project; and the skill!