Thursday, 30 December 2010

I know I shouldn't...

...get over-excited by objects as really, stuff is just stuff.
I have yearned for candlesticks such as these for years and years since seeing them in Stockholm, but the prices were just stupid. Until this year's John Lewis half price clearance.
Oh joy.

I have two.
Happy Birthday to me from me.


  1. Did we miss your birthday Kate? Those are lovely candle sticks and I'm pleased that they have made you so happy.

    Hugs from me. xx

  2. And a belated happy birthday from me too!! I know stuff is stuff but some things we can't make ourselves so if they can be picked up as a bargain - well that's quite pleasing in itself and these will give you years of pleasure. They remind me of Portugal and warmer climes - no bad thing at this time of year! :-D