Friday, 17 December 2010

Tiny Worlds and The Curse of The Open Studio.

Yes! Open Studio Day! Thursday evening was spent reorganising the table and re-displaying everything ready for Open Studio, I had newly made necklaces and brooches to sell, more decorations and gift tags and, most important this one, ladies who had said they would be coming.
11am... a lady arrives, the coffee is freshly brewed the cakes freshly made ( a choice of cranberry and orange or blueberry and lemon muffins).
Just past 11 it goes dark.
VERY dark.
VERY suddenly.
The snow starts and doesn't stop until 2pm ,when my Open Studio is Officially Over. The lovely lone lady swiftly made her purchases ( thank you) and left hastily before the very hilly town we live in became impassable. Some ladies called to apologise for not coming ( thank you also)...oh, yes, the curse of the Open Studio is alive and kicking!

Some Tiny Worlds brooches were sold, but these five new ones can now be found in my Folksy Shop- along with the felt necklaces.

Purchased this weekend, they could be with you for Christmas.


  1. I do love these. Mine is on my new jacket now.

  2. aaah!Thanks!I love making them.