Tuesday, 21 December 2010

When you can't get out, get making.

It has been stupidly cold here the past few days and very,very snowy.I have ventured as far as the bird feeders but that is my limit, so indoors fun for me. And indoors fun includes making stuff.

One of the pleasures of quilting in Winter is how cosy it is hand sewing on a cold day with at least one quilt over your knees.

This double sided knee quilt has just arrived with its new owner in time for Christmas, I learned how to make these double sided self-quilting knee quilts on a course a few years ago at a very lovely quilting shop in Bury St Edmunds, http://www.sewcreative.co.uk/bury.htm.

It is a really useful design, excellent for using up bits and bobs left over from other projects and as the padded squares are made individually then sashed together, it grows fast: the sashing isn't padded and the quilt folds up into a neat little square for storage.

Pattern and instructions at www.quiltingworks.com- I just couldn't get this link to work properly,sorry!


  1. Ooh Kate, that looks lovely, well done.

  2. That looks like the answer to my mother's request for something padded to protect her knees from an over enthusiastic tabby cat! Very pretty!