Friday, 28 January 2011


A whole row made- I've started with the really easy ones, mind.Eventually I will have no choice but to make the squares with 2" triangles in them. Scary.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Get going before it is February

Scary how January starts and the whole,long year stretches ahead with infinite possibilities and time and suddenly, before you have even blinked an eye it is nearly February and very little has been done, so, let's get going.
I made my Mother a New Year gift of a knee quilt to use in the garden once the weather gets warmer and bravely did a nine-patch design.

I say bravely as accuracy has not always been my strong suit in cutting and stitching patchwork.I survived and even enjoyed the experience and so, armed with the encouragement from looking at this I dug out my stash of Sturbridge Village fabrics, bought in a fit of sentimental reverie last Winter when looking at photos of Sturbridge Village and remembering a very lovely holiday there with the family some years ago.I had it in my head that it would be top notch to make a traditional quilt but wasn't really brave enough to get going.
Being under the weather last week I did some more browsing of traditional quilts, New England and Shaker outdoor museums and some sketching on squared paper and came up with sixteen traditional quilt blocks that I liked the look of and decided to start off with a sampler quilt.

The prodigiously productive Hen spurred me on and I have set myself ( in proper New Year fashion) the task of a square a day and NOT being slapdash.

So, I am unpicking if it isn't accurate ( blimey) and really rather enjoying the challenge of getting my head around precision and the mysteriously complex and confounding sizing of triangles.

Already I am seeing how I could, by being more nit picky, make my blocks better. I'm surprising myself and somehow this has made me rise to other challenges and I've applied for the Bucks Open Studios in the Summer, I've even made a list of all the work I need to do in readiness.

Amazing how useful a bit of patchwork can be- focusses the mind wonderfully.
Must get on now, another block to complete today....

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

January is the month of Plague

How did I manage to forget that January is the month of plague? The month when infections of chest and sinus really get stuck in, when antibiotics make one feel even worse and the family bring home disgusting colds to SHARE.
One's brain turns to jelly and everything is just so hard to do. But time spent sitting about feeling grim, is time that could be spent making things.But jelly brain means they have to be simple things.

Not the fairisle jumper started last week which has just reached the really hard bit of patterning requiring concentration- tried that, had to unpick several rows several times....perhaps some gentle, simple quilting using these gorgeous Anchor Pearl space dyed threads purchased recently and just crying out to be used on something....

The nasty bitter taste, a side-effect of the lovely antibiotics, which, I discovered, can be disguised with a chunk of dark chocolate ( any sort will do, feel free to experiment and compare as many types as you can find as often as you like) had made coffee drinking an unpleasant experience, but this morning, the taste was gone and coffee beckoned. After several coffee free days,more than one mug would be required so the cafetiere will need to be kept toasty hot.The Christmas cosy is jolly,but just too Christmassy...

The Winter cosy is just too ,well, Wintery...

There are snowdrops out in the garden, perhaps something a bit Spring-like is called for...a root around in the stash cupboard, some left-overs from a quilt made for my niece and hey presto a chance to use some of my new thread...voila, a Springy cafetiere cover and cosy and jacket,hand quilted with my luscious thread.

Had the second mug half an hour or more after making it and it is still HOT,HOT,HOT.Cheers!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

That's more like it!

Sunshine- makes all the difference to a day:things get made,photos can be taken of them and everything just seems so much better.
All this and the first Snowdrop in the garden.

New Tiny World pins which will be in my etsy store by tomorrow.

'Love' gift tags- these can also be used as Bookmarks and hanging decorations.
Also in my etsy shop.

It might be colder, but oh, how much LIGHTER!

Friday, 14 January 2011

January Gloom

It is very easy on a dark,dank January day when the days don't seem to be getting any longer and the sun seems to have disappeared for good to feel a little dispirited.
Suddenly it is halfway through the month and the year ahead seems to be disappearing before it has even happened and what have you done? Cleared up after Christmas. Hardly a great achievement for halfway through a whole month.
Easy to slide into feeling useless and think, well what did I achieve in a whole year last year?
Not much I'll be bound.There were the costumes and hats for Charley's Aunt, some of them here:

Then there was teaching a workshop at Bridport Hat Festival:the hat pins I sold at the market there grew into the range of jewellery I sell in my etsy and folksy shops.
Then the painting in acrylics.The sketch books ( three completed last year),the watercolours and last, but not least the sewing...actually, considering it all ,perhaps things are looking up.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Back to normal

Christmas and New Year over, it is back to normal and a rather grey and murky normal it has been this past few days.Livened up by making things, things that are full of lurve....