Thursday, 27 January 2011

Get going before it is February

Scary how January starts and the whole,long year stretches ahead with infinite possibilities and time and suddenly, before you have even blinked an eye it is nearly February and very little has been done, so, let's get going.
I made my Mother a New Year gift of a knee quilt to use in the garden once the weather gets warmer and bravely did a nine-patch design.

I say bravely as accuracy has not always been my strong suit in cutting and stitching patchwork.I survived and even enjoyed the experience and so, armed with the encouragement from looking at this I dug out my stash of Sturbridge Village fabrics, bought in a fit of sentimental reverie last Winter when looking at photos of Sturbridge Village and remembering a very lovely holiday there with the family some years ago.I had it in my head that it would be top notch to make a traditional quilt but wasn't really brave enough to get going.
Being under the weather last week I did some more browsing of traditional quilts, New England and Shaker outdoor museums and some sketching on squared paper and came up with sixteen traditional quilt blocks that I liked the look of and decided to start off with a sampler quilt.

The prodigiously productive Hen spurred me on and I have set myself ( in proper New Year fashion) the task of a square a day and NOT being slapdash.

So, I am unpicking if it isn't accurate ( blimey) and really rather enjoying the challenge of getting my head around precision and the mysteriously complex and confounding sizing of triangles.

Already I am seeing how I could, by being more nit picky, make my blocks better. I'm surprising myself and somehow this has made me rise to other challenges and I've applied for the Bucks Open Studios in the Summer, I've even made a list of all the work I need to do in readiness.

Amazing how useful a bit of patchwork can be- focusses the mind wonderfully.
Must get on now, another block to complete today....


  1. I love the ninepatch quilt, Jane but this new one will be amazing. I need to make my mum a knee quilt to protect her from an overly affetionate cat!

  2. If a cat sees a quilt on your lap, it is on it....well,mine is,even if I am trying to sew it at the time.