Friday, 14 January 2011

January Gloom

It is very easy on a dark,dank January day when the days don't seem to be getting any longer and the sun seems to have disappeared for good to feel a little dispirited.
Suddenly it is halfway through the month and the year ahead seems to be disappearing before it has even happened and what have you done? Cleared up after Christmas. Hardly a great achievement for halfway through a whole month.
Easy to slide into feeling useless and think, well what did I achieve in a whole year last year?
Not much I'll be bound.There were the costumes and hats for Charley's Aunt, some of them here:

Then there was teaching a workshop at Bridport Hat Festival:the hat pins I sold at the market there grew into the range of jewellery I sell in my etsy and folksy shops.
Then the painting in acrylics.The sketch books ( three completed last year),the watercolours and last, but not least the sewing...actually, considering it all ,perhaps things are looking up.

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