Sunday, 27 February 2011

Going ever faster

I thought last year went quickly, this year is vanishing even faster. Next week is March.
How did that happen so quickly?

Been a little busy the past week or so. Another course at the V&A- like buses, they come in pairs- this time a 3 day Millinery course. I have trimmed hats and re-shaped hats but never made one from scratch, so I felt it time I tried. It was brilliant. Nice people ( if you want to buy a super stylish hat, from a lovely lady, go to Imogen's Imagination here or here ), an expert tutor and, as the course was making hats based on ideas sketched at the wonderful exhibition of Chinese Imperial Robes, free visits to the exhibition over the three days. And,oh bliss, wandering around the museum in lunch hours.

Lots to catch up with on returning- my, how everything in the garden had grown...major clearing and pruning in the moments- yes, I do mean moments- of sunshine... a painting to finish

... a scarf to crochet, bit experimental this one, but it is my very first attempt at crochet

... a corsage to make with another bit of crochet and some needlefelting

....oooh and did I mention CAKE?

But what of my Sampler Quilt?
I confess that has taken a bit of a back seat, but it will return once I have made the Easter Decorations for my Easter Open Studio and done two more paintings.
Looks like March might race by too.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Taking my first steps with crochet . I've been toying with an idea for a hat made only from stuff found on a beach for some time now. But perhaps working with and wearing old seaweed isn't too appealing, so I thought crochet might be a solution. Playing with wool I made some seaweedy strands and then did a bit of needle felting and beading and hey presto! A corsage.

Friday, 11 February 2011

February has been a bit busy

Good busy.
Making stuff and learning new things busy.
Two more squares for the sampler quilt-

Valentine cards with felt applique

and decorations-

Heart and Star brooches-

And last, but not least, a paper cutting course at the V&A.

A really good one-day course.

The V&A run a few practical courses, I've been on two day courses thus far, both run by tutors who knew their stuff, in a well equipped and pleasant studio, good cake ( we all know this is really important), as much tea/coffee as you can drink and the V&A to wander about before/after and at lunchtime.

Perfect!Have a look at their practical courses here

Oh yes,did I mention the website? Been hunched over a glowing computer getting that almost to the right hand side and up a visit!