Thursday, 31 March 2011

mmm...knitting up that yarn....

In between the painting there has been knitting. Cosy woolly scarf knitting. I know it is Spring, but it is windy up here on my hill and when I'm in the garden, or sitting still painting, my neck and back appreciate a really cosy scarf.

Scarf number one, made with 2 skeins Rowan Colourscape, which I succumbed to a couple of weeks ago:I'm a real sucker for space dyed threads, even though I think they always look better in the hank than when knitted as they just go into regular stripes, I rather like the random look they have in hanks.

I used a textured stitch to bring back a bit of life to it and break the stripes up.

Very cosy it is too. Has hardly been off my neck since I finished it on Sunday. Wearing it right now. The other, unfinished scarf, is made with the wool I purchased at the Stitch and Craft Show.

This one doesn't go too is slubby and textured and thick and dyed thread that doesn't go too stripy....I might need to find more of this lovely stuff.
The new needles are bliss too.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Day 2

Finished: stages below.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Today's Painting

Above is the final stage for today as the light isn't good enough to continue:7 hours of painting.Photos below show how it got there.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Here it is.Took nearly as long to mount it and prepare the frame as to paint it...but it is DONE!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A painting in stages

I have two paintings to finish by this time next week.Two paintings I have yet to start. Today I knuckled down to the first one after much preliminary faffing about and thought it might be interesting to take a photo every time I needed to pause to let paint dry before going on to the next stage. So here it is.
The first stone is one I was so excited at finding that I lost the plot and fell over on the beach.
It isn't quite finished, but I need the daylight to do the last bits- so I'll add any final versions tomorrow.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


I went up to Olympia yesterday for the Stitch and Craft Show. Just wanted a few things and good nose around by way of a warm up for venturing to the BIG show at Alexandra Palace in the Autumn. I'm not a great show goer as I have unreliable legs, but thought I'd give it a whirl.
Had a list.
Kept to the list.
List had on it the magic words "really lovely yarns'.
I wasn't sure I'd find a huge amount of knitting stuff there, but I found enough to keep me in that happy trance-like state familiar to all knitters when they see and stroke 'really lovely yarns'. I was very tempted by a stall selling alpaca- the yarn was glorious, but all grey,cream and brown and grey,cream and brown, much though I love them, make me look like a bowl of porridge these days.
Then I spotted this stuff.

Nice eh?
I broke my 'only 100% wool/natural fibres' rule as I loved it so much.

Should have taken a photo of it in the skein but I was so eager to ball it up ready to knit, the ball will have to do.

And look at the needles I got to knit it with.

I also found some rather nice beads

and oh, gosh how fabulous are these sequins?

AND you would not believe the softness of this beautiful cotton hand-dyed embroidery yarn, perfect colours for a little quilt I'm planning.

Oh and look, my absolute favourite space-dyed threads for hand quilting, made by Valdani and supplied by The Calico Cat.

I have had a very good tidy of all the crafty stuff today which gave me plenty of excuses for a lot of "mmmm....yarn....." moments. Really must finish the scarf I'm making before I begin the next one.
Did I mention silk threads?
Well, here they are.

How keen am I to start using them for my jewellery? VERY. You can see more of them here.
An exhausting but inspiring day; the show was ok, if you were a serious cross stitcher or constant card maker I'm sure you would have been overwhelmed with joy. Me? I'm happy with the things I found: there were enough stalls with stuff on my list and I've found some really good new suppliers of special and unusual haberdashery, but now I'm looking forward to the Autumn....more lovely yarn....mmmmmm.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the distractions of Spring

Busy week again. Suddenly everything is growing fast- despite the very cold frosty nights -4 or -5 ,oh yes, I love my min/max indoor /outdoor thermometer. A frost so cold it has made the Hellebores lie down on the ground overnight, then, as the sun warms them, they slowly, magically rise up.

As the days get longer the plants grow regardless of frost so pruning and tidying become imperative before it all goes too far.

This time of year the garden is empty enough to see what needs a radical sort-out. Answer:most of it. So, much snipping going on, though not today as it is miserably grey and bone-creeping cold. But the Hyacinths seem to like it, a little warm sunshine and the garden will fill with their perfume.

Inside in the warm I've been making flowers.

Woolly felt beaded flowers to go on crocheted corsages.And some knitting has happened too, but that is not finished ...yet. Knitting I thought it would be too warm to wear this year, but perhaps, if the cold nights continue, it will come in handy before next Winter after all.
Been busy updating the website too- new things to see there!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Slow progress through busy days

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.So far this week has been full- every day I think,with wild optimism, "well, tomorrow I can really get stuck into some painting"...does it happen?
STUFF just gets in the way.
Stuff that is no fun but has to be done...very tiresome.
In the little bits of time between one dull thing and another I have had some fun

with Easter Bunnies

and Spring Flowers.
Perhaps once I get to the weekend I can just spend time painting...

...some little progress the past two days, but not enough!