Friday, 4 March 2011


The photo at the top of this blog is from last Spring when my Clivia flowered. This year it has flowered again. Not once.

Not twice. But SEVEN, yes, SEVEN heads of flowers.

Even the one I grew from seed has flowered this year, it is taller and paler in colour than the original plants, so makes a real show.

I keep the pot in a cool shady conservatory so the flowers last for weeks. The first head of flowers is nearly finished now, after delighting me for nearly a month. But four other flower heads have taken over and there are another two still in bud: I should have flowers for at least another month.

Clivia are tender plants from warmer climes and the first time I grew them I grew them from seed and one night I lost them all in a cold snap I wasn't stupid did I feel? But a few years ago I discovered two plants super cheapo- they are usually eye wateringly expensive- in the severely reduced section of a local garden centre and now I have a big potful as, if happy, they multiply. I am very careful to keep them no colder than 5 degrees...and I keep my eyes peeled for more super cheapo plants!

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