Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the distractions of Spring

Busy week again. Suddenly everything is growing fast- despite the very cold frosty nights -4 or -5 ,oh yes, I love my min/max indoor /outdoor thermometer. A frost so cold it has made the Hellebores lie down on the ground overnight, then, as the sun warms them, they slowly, magically rise up.

As the days get longer the plants grow regardless of frost so pruning and tidying become imperative before it all goes too far.

This time of year the garden is empty enough to see what needs a radical sort-out. Answer:most of it. So, much snipping going on, though not today as it is miserably grey and bone-creeping cold. But the Hyacinths seem to like it, a little warm sunshine and the garden will fill with their perfume.

Inside in the warm I've been making flowers.

Woolly felt beaded flowers to go on crocheted corsages.And some knitting has happened too, but that is not finished ...yet. Knitting I thought it would be too warm to wear this year, but perhaps, if the cold nights continue, it will come in handy before next Winter after all.
Been busy updating the website too- new things to see there!

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