Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A painting in stages

I have two paintings to finish by this time next week.Two paintings I have yet to start. Today I knuckled down to the first one after much preliminary faffing about and thought it might be interesting to take a photo every time I needed to pause to let paint dry before going on to the next stage. So here it is.
The first stone is one I was so excited at finding that I lost the plot and fell over on the beach.
It isn't quite finished, but I need the daylight to do the last bits- so I'll add any final versions tomorrow.


  1. Very nice Kate. I feel encouraged that you do a preliminary faff first, thought it was just me :)

  2. Plenty of faffing goes on Joanna- on the day I know I have to start I end up doing all sorts to avoid getting going!
    Didn't help that I had 'tidied' all my materials and the pencil sharpener was somewhere 'sensible' instead of just lying around on my desk.That wasted AGES.