Monday, 25 April 2011

here are some I grew earlier

I can't resist a Hippeastrum ( Amaryllis).

I have,if I am honest, rather too many and they take up most of my conservatory.

Very easy to look after, some of my bulbs are over 20 years old.I find they like to be crowded but with deep root room so when the bulbs have baby bulbs I leave the babies with the parent to get clusters of glorious trumpets when they bloom in Spring.

They don't like to be too cold in winter, but need some cold to set the flower inside the bulb.

They also dislike being too wet, so I no longer put them outside in Summer as I had a problem with bulbs rotting and,inevitably, slugs and snails find the bulbs absolutely irresistible and will wiggle down inside and eat the whole of the bulb leaving just the papery outside layer...nice!

This is the first group of blooms, more will follow over the next week or so.
I fear way too much time can be spent in the conservatory just gazing upon them.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Brooches,brooches and, oh,a corsage....

Been a busy couple of weeks, working part-time, finishing paintings and occasionally getting into the garden to try to keep up with it. In odd moments some brooches have been made.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Another tree

In dappled green light.

This painting will be on show here:
5 May-5 June.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And what are you doing today?

Working on two paintings this week.One of a ghost tree

and the other isn't sure yet...but the layers are building up....
different from the last two, after a week of close observation and naturalism, I'm having a week of decorative paintings instead.

Though the second one might get some observation on it as I found a ver
y thrilling Hellebore Foetidus sprouting behind the garden shed yesterday and it may get included.We'll see.
Watch this space.