Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Walk on the Wild Side

My lovely old ginger cat died a couple of weeks ago

I knew I wouldn't last long without a cat in the house: it would be unfair for a new cat to come into a house that still smelt of another cat, so frantic carpet shampooing and general cleaning and tidying ensued with some catching up on decorating jobs that had been waiting to be done for years thrown in for good measure.

New cat arrived last weekend, settling in well, a very sweet animal, shy and nervous after being a stray, I'm glad I shampooed carpets like a lunatic last week.

Glorious weather today and I got out of the house and garden for the first time in over a week and went to see the Military Orchids that grow near here before they finish blooming. They are very,very rare and protected by little cages so they don't get walked on/eaten/whatever. It has been many years since I last visited them, which I realise is really very stupid- when something so beautiful and so rare is on the doorstep it is pretty bonkers not to find an hour or so to visit each Spring.

Wonderful.Also spotted a lot of Fly Orchids- tiny, shiny bright red/brown and lime green and just beautiful. And we heard a Cuckoo.


  1. Glad that Fred is settling in well Kate. The Orchids are quite something aren't they?

  2. They are stunning- loads of them too this year and the light today really showed them up well.
    Fred doing well, even went to sleep on a chair on his own this morning instead of with me under a blanket.