Monday, 20 June 2011

Open Studio Fortnight

Very busy with Open Studios this week and next, my first time, so I'm a bit nervous about how it will go. Yesterday was my first Open Day, sat wondering if I would get any callers, which I did: it was rather fun once it got going, so here's hoping the next open days go as well as yesterday. Today I'm not open, so I've a chance to take stock, make some more cards ( they sold well) and spend some time enjoying the garden before it starts to rain again.

Poppies in full, glorious bloom. Every year I leave choice seed pods to mature on the biggest and best flowering plants. I scatter the seed when it is ripe and wait for the surprise next year as every plant produces a different variation of colour and shape: this year's selection is particularly good, some really stunning plants and flowers. Today in the sunshine the bees are nice and busy pollinating them for me, so I shall have lovely poppies again next year. Every now and again I introduce a good variety of 'shop' poppy seed to enliven the mix if my plants have got a bit 'samey' and need a boost to keep them interesting.

During the two weeks of Open Studio I shall have at least one painting on the go so visitors can see a painting in progress when they call: I shall post photos on here so you can see it too.

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