Saturday, 23 July 2011

Orange and Turquoise

Been knitting again. Another snuggly cowl made with the gorgeous space-dyed thread from Lang:Mille Flamme. I came across this thread at the Knit and Craft Show earlier this year and bought it from a supplier there who has a very lovely range of other yarns too, knitting4fun

I really like the way this thick/thin yarn knits up, soft and slightly fluffy, the different colours come out randomly, not in repeat rows and the colour combinations are delicious.Works well in a simple four row repeat 'wave' pattern that even I can memorise and not get wrong too many times.

This is a tube that can wrap around the neck once loosely or twice more tightly. I'm not a huge fan of circular needles ( the rows are punishingly, depressingly LONG and oh so easy to forget where I am in a pattern) but this tube is knitted like a normal scarf and when there is just enough yarn for another row or two I knit the last row into the first as I cast off.

No point having a new scarf with nothing to match about a necklace

or a scarf pin to hold it in place?

Friday evening fun. I find myself almost pleased there is a chill wind today - I have nearly a low enough temperature to wear my new scarf/jewellery combo, can't wait until Autumn to try it out.

The scarf really deserved TWO necklaces, so I put together this longer one too

Now I feel motivated to go through all those unfinished necklace projects and get them finished!


  1. Looks gorgeous. What a lovely combination.

  2. It does look lovely Kate, the colours are gorgeous. I read on someone's blog that the supplier was not good at mail order but I'm guessing that you bought your yarn at the show, in the flesh, as it were? The jewellery is rather fabulous too. Clever girl, aren't you.

  3. Toni, I bought some yarn at the show, liked it so much I bought some more,different colourways, by mail order- no problems with the supplier whatsoever,but I shall look see what other said about them.

  4. Wow, these are beautiful. I love the colours in the cowl and the necklaces compliment it. As Toni says what a clever girl you are!

  5. It's all the frangipani....