Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Out in the garden today

Yellow Buddleah surrounded by Yarrows- Yarrows that were told last Summer either you bloom next year, or you GO. I think you will agree that they made the correct choice.

Day lilies.

How I love Day Lilies.

You can eat them, but eating flowers is too brutal for me to cope with.I suspect the taste they have in my imagination is way more delicious than the reality.



Exotic Arums, normally stupidly expensive, grown from reduced ones that are sold off after blooming really cheaply at your local garden centre. They multiply easily, grow readily from seed and as long as they don't get too cold, go on for years and years...this year I shall be on the lookout for some heavily reduced lemon yellow ones and some of the really BIG white ones.

A pretty little Clematis

and the last of the poppies.

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