Sunday, 31 July 2011

Plants and pins and brooches

Been playing again-a wistful seaside sort of theme this morning to some of my creations. Sea washed glass lapel/hat pins...

a couple of felt flowers that look like sea anemones

and coral beaded pins.

Also some lush greenery- a felt embroidered oak leaf which pins on with a beaded silver pin to fix it in place. I've been sketching ideas for embroidered felt jewellery for a while now and this is the first prototype of one of the designs, quite pleased with it so far, I shall tweak the next one a bit.

In the houseplant division we have a real beauty bringing me joy this week.

Called a Scadoxus. I bought the bulb ( reduced for quick sale, naturally ) this Spring, the photo on the packet really did not do it justice. I looked it up and when this South African bulb gets to maturity the head of bloom can be 35cms across, so more than twice the current size. If I keep it happy, in a few years the blooms could be on waist high stems and the sphere of starry flowers larger than my head...can't wait.

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