Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer evening

Just before it started to rain and as the light was leaving I went out with my camera, the weather is turning and it may be a week or so before we get another evening of gentle, warm, dry twilight...the Blackbirds' second brood left the nest today and the stupid young bird has a death wish, it has spent all day drawing attention to itself, sitting on the corner of the conservatory, chirping and calling loudly. 10pm and it has just fallen silent. Are baby Blackbirds the most stupid baby birds on the planet? Earlier this year a brood of five youngsters spent their first morning out of the nest sitting in a row on the seat of the garden bench,wobbling gently,well within reach of the cat in his basket in the open doorway nearby...I do wonder how many of them are still in the land of the living.The Sparrow Hawk was in the garden this week stealing Starlings from the shrubbery.I don't rate the chances of that Blackbird if he stays on top of the roof calling all day tomorrow.
But I can understand the appeal of staying out until late, colours glow, shadows soften and things look quite different in the failing light.

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