Monday, 11 July 2011

Third one finished.

Been a while since I had a chance to paint, but today the third painting in the series got finished.

Painting has had to play second fiddle to family needs ( all last week) and (today) rampant weeds- how many violets do we need in the garden? Answer; not that many....but at the end of an otherwise satisfying morning in the garden I made the discovery that some slimy swine of a slug/snail has eaten right through the stem of my absolute favourite courgette ( Tondo) only one plant of which I grew this year as in previous years I had way too many. No gorgeous round green and cream freckled balls of deliciousness for me this Summer. So, back indoors to painting for consolation.

There was also the consolation of a fresh potato salad made with my home-grown 'International Kidney' potatoes. Waxy, nutty and flavoursome, not quite as many as I had hoped due to the hot weather earlier this year making the spuds grow stupidly fast at the expense of developing tubers, but still worth growing them for one huge bowl of salady goodness.

Now the challenge of the fourth painting to finish the set.

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