Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Brooches and ufos

Brooch central. Triangular brooches.

Heart-shaped brooches

oh, er, yes, and some ... ufos.

I thought it might just gee me up to finish these off if I confessed publicly to their existence.

This is going to be a patched and quilted waistcoat that really needs finishing before temperatures get any more Autumnal, I've done the easy bits, done the fun bits, done them months ago. I know that from here on it gets harder...but now I've confessed so I just have to finish it. As ever when things are hanging about needing finishing that one is trying to put off , I've been looking at inspiring things and was very taken with a quilted pocket on the York Quilt Museum website- a site that will require quite a bit more browsing in the next week or so, some very interesting items indeed...I really like the idea of a lovely quilted pocket...but I also have some canvas-work to complete.

I confess that I started this decades ago ( I know, I know...) when, full of the wild confidence of youth, I envisaged making tapestry cushion covers for all my four dining chairs. I got one and a half done and in the meantime acquired four more dining chairs. Somehow the thought of making eight tapestry chair cushion covers didn't appeal quite as much as making four and the project languished unloved as other more interesting and less demanding projects intervened. I dug the pieces out the other week and decided it really did need to be finished in some way or another before it reached a humiliating quarter century since inception and as I had done so much sewing already, it really should not be wasted.

So the two are going to be combined to make one large cushion cover/centre for a throw ( jury still out on which). I've removed the one made-up cushion from its surround so it can be sewn into the other unfinished piece, which has been titivated and jollied up, as the colours were really rather gloomy, with some extra stitching.

So, now I've confessed.
I had better go downstairs and do some sewing.


  1. Go on then, off with you! I do like the brooches, especially the triangular ones, they remind me of something else...

  2. Didn't sew did folksy listing instead...it had to be done...I'd rather be sewing!

  3. I really should get to the York Quilt Museum one day. I just know there'd be all sorts of inspiration within its doors. I do get 'up North' a lot, but never have the time.

  4. Your ufo's look really interesting, infact, rather lovely, begging to be finished and admired I'd say! Vanessa xxx

  5. York is very tempting now it has quilts as well as trains, we keep promising ourselves a visit there Catherine, but never seem to have time to spare.
    Since posting the ufos Vanessa I have been snowed under with other more pressing tasks...Flower Show at the weekend to name but one.