Friday, 26 August 2011

Crazy day

Today is a crazy day.

Tomorrow is the local Flower Show and -in theory- today I do all my preparation. Usually I have some vegetables to enter too, but my tomatoes just aren't ripening, my potatoes rushed into growth so the tubers are small, the shallots aren't big enough to be contenders and as we have had hardly any sun and plenty of rain this past fortnight, my squashes and courgettes are rubbish, the dahlias are staying determinedly in bud, slugs and snails have eaten chunks out of most things and, as the weather has been so odd this year, my chrysanthemums have already nearly finished blooming yet the gladdies are still in bud-those that didn't bloom in May....but by the end of the day I should have five arrangements sorted and taken down to the hall ready for tomorrow.

I've also been making some stuff for my xmas stall ( I know it is August, but these things take time to make!)

and fitting in an unexpected trip to the hospital this afternoon with my Mother. I've given up on entering a cherry cake and shortbread and a victoria sponge, time has run out on me, no time- or energy- left for baking. Crazy,crazy,crazy....

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