Friday, 5 August 2011

Hot and Cold

Warm and sunny, but somehow I've been thinking of Autumn- I know, Summer only just with us and I'm thinking of Autumn. This morning there was dew on the outside of the conservatory windows- a sign of a cooler, damp night- and many of the flowers out in the garden are glowing orange and red

...and I have been playing with leaves.

A few years ago I designed and made this brushed cotton patchwork quilt with appliqu├ęd autumn leaves .

I've been returning to those leaves recently. I love leaf shapes, simple and full of potential for pattern. I've sketched ideas and have started to make prototypes, embroidered and beaded felt brooches that can be pinned on with long silver beaded pins. A great pleasure making them as the felt and embroidery silks are so soft to handle.

But despite the beauty of the glowing hot flowers in the garden and the pleasurable warmth of the wool felt against my fingers as I sew the real thrill of the day has been the arrival of the new fridge/freezer. Six weeks after the demise of the previous one, we have a working fridge again. At one point in the six weeks I went through the "hell, who needs a fridge anyway?" stage but by the start of this week I had had enough. I just wanted somewhere reliably cold to store food, that fitted into the space taken up by the previous dead fridge/freezer and I wanted it RIGHT NOW. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine cold storage could be so thrilling.

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