Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Our Flower Show

We are very lucky to still have a thriving Horticultural Society in our town and on August Bank Holiday Saturday we have our Autumn Flower Show.

This year it felt more like Autumn than usual, we had had a week of really solid rain and all those who entered found it quite a challenge to gather together enough good quality produce, but despite this we had a really good show, well attended by visitors.

There are classes for jams, jellies and chutney, cakes, scones, quiche, Victoria sponge and plaited loaves. Vegetables, fruit, herbs,

all types of flowers,

particularly dahlias at this time of year

and flower arranging.

Crafts, house plants... jam tart baking and dinosaurs made from vegetables for the younger entrants.
Many small towns have lost their shows, but despite becoming more and more of a commuter town for London over the years, we have managed to keep the Society and the Show going and this year was particularly thrilling as one of the major prizes was won by someone under the age of 14, who had grown dahlias for the first time this year and beat her father- who is one of our top two dahlia growers- to the award for 'best in show'.
It is a really fun event, if you have a flower and produce show near you, go and give it a try, awesome flowers, home-made cakes served in the tea room, vegetables and fruit to make you drool...quite apart from those dinosaurs...support your local show!

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