Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Playing with felt

Preparation for the Bridport Hat Festival has to get serious now- it will be mid-September before I know it and I need enough hat-related stock for my stall at the Market, so I'm working out some more designs for brooches for hats ( and bags or lapels) using felt, starting work on my up-cycled hats ( apologies for the photos- a bit complicated getting a decent picture of yourself in a hat)

and making sure I have sufficient styles and quantities of hat pins/lapel brooches. I've been working out ideas in my sketch book for a while and now I'm ready to make them up into prototypes; several have seen the light already and today a new design joined the ranks.

Initially inspired by some pieces I sketched at the Pitt Rivers Collection in Oxford, the idea lay dormant in my old sketch book until it was re-ignited the other week at the British Museum by a lovely display of jewellery and costumes from Oman and the Balkans.


  1. Lovely brooches! I hope they fly off your stall! Vanessa xxx

  2. Its such a delight to see the sketches behind the work. They are really lovely (and I'm not just saying that!).