Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumn Light

Last week the light changed and the seasons in my sitting room, moved on.

I like to mark the changing seasons and light by changing things. The ornaments change, the cushion covers and throws change- it makes a big difference to the feel of the room - and is a nice excuse for making things.

So out come the wooden toadstools and fruits and various other Autumnal silliness...

...and out comes the fabric I've been meaning to make an Autumn knee quilt with for several years...light tones,

mid tones,

and dark tones,

and a pattern based on using three tones of fabrics and some accent bright spots, the colours of which all work together, to make a pattern using only simple square/rectangles,to be hand quilted with curves and leaves...

...will I manage it before Autumn is over? We'll see.
A few more little hat decorations/brooches for my Hat Festival stall,

like a little flock of butterflies.

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