Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Team Tabby

Battersea Boy Fred has been a real sweetie with Rita. Under 48 hours since her arrival and they eat from the same bowl, greet each other with much nose touching and chirruping when Fred comes back in from outside, they sleep together and play together. Rita chases Fred's tail while he chases toys. I thought Fred would like a chum, but didn't think he would be so very happy about it.When Fred arrived a few months ago he was in a bad way- only 3kg of him, bald patches, cracked paw pads and muscles too weak to jump far;right from the start he has been a really sweet natured animal - except when another cat comes into his garden. He is now a whopper, lovely thick shiny fur, soft feet and a solid wall of mouse-hunting muscle. He is probably about 10 and after a mad game on the stairs, totters a bit and needs a good snooze, but he adores playing. I have never known an adult cat chase his own tail as much as Fred does or be so keen to play with a bit of string- I walk around the house with a length of string tied to my waistband. I thought a kitten to play with might just be perfect...though I worried he might object as he is very territorial and also worried that he might think a kitten to be just a giant mouse....but no, silly me to underestimate the wondrous Fred, a lady kitten isn't a threat to his kingdom and isn't to be confused with a mouse. Bravo Fred!


  1. They look lovely together, you obviously did the right thing.

  2. Oh too cute! How great that they get on, I've always assumed older cats wouldn't take to another so it's really nice to see they are best friends.
    Hen x

  3. I think it has helped that Fred is very playful- I've never known an elderly cat who plays as much as he does and the kitten is a lady, so no threat.I've had two boy kittens with elderly lady cats before- it seems to work better to ring the changes!