Sunday, 11 September 2011

The UFO has landed....

This UFO started off as sketch about three years ago, all eagerness, I sorted out the fabrics I thought would work for the idea and made the paper pattern.

Then I found a better combination of it went on.

A year later, when the weather got chilly I re-sorted the fabrics, adding some really yummy buttons and ribbons, from my favourite button and haberdashery supplier Textile Garden, to the mix.

Eventually I bit the bullet and cut the fabric, edgings and bias binding strips and very fine cotton wadding out. No turning back. That was about as far as it got.
This past couple of weeks I have really got my teeth into finishing this in time for me to enjoy wearing it this Autumn/Winter. A mix of machine and hand sewing, embroidery and quilting and plenty of rich Autumnal colours and strong pattern- I have to say I'm very pleased with it and am wearing it today to ward of the rather strong wind. Remarkably, I did not swear once when working on it, not even when making and affixing the bias binding, a task I thought I would hate, but there is something absurdly satisfying about using your own, matching bias binding!Hand sewing all the striped edging strips along the front and bottom and strips of the lining fabric to the inside to cover the seams ( dull work but well worth the trouble ) was less tedious than I thought it would be . I must be getting more patient with age. That, or more easily entertained!

The grey figured chintz fabric comes from a wonderful quilting shop in Amsterdam De Haan & Wagenmakers, if you are a keen sewer/quilter and you are in Amsterdam, go and see their shop: beautiful reproduction traditional chintzes and weaves,Japanese silks,threads- all top quality and only available from them. I am now very glad I stocked my stash up when I first visited the shop some ten years ago when I was living over there, as their fabric-aren't they all- is rather a scary price these days!
Next project? -well, I have some lovely Autumn fabrics that really need making up into a knee quilt- a project that has been hanging around for three years at least-each Autumn I get the fabrics out and stroke them and somehow get no further-but I have a design worked out that I think will be rather fun...more on that another day... and how about a shirt to go with the waistcoat, in between all the last minute Hat Festival preparations of course!

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