Friday, 2 September 2011

Ufo update

In between other things, some ufo action:I have put the backing on the pieces of the gilet and started the final lot of quilting.The awareness of chilly evenings and knowing my ufo shame is now public have spurred me on.

Using shashiko threads, I'm adding more quilting to the panels of patterned fabric with space dyed thread and then quilting the top panel with black.

Nice easy, restful sewing for a sunny chair before the sweary bit starts - edgings, button holes and fitting it all together...


  1. Its weird but your fabric creations are very similar to what I would like to get onto a ceramic surface. Really bright and eye-catching. Wow-factor stuff!

  2. I was particularly thrilled with the patterned fabric- had to use it somewhere, it just went so well with the ribbon,which I had been yearning to use too.Colourful,patterned surfaces?Yes please!