Saturday, 15 October 2011

First Frost

The weather has been glorious. On Thursday morning I woke at around 5am and the moonlight was so bright I thought the outside lights were on. On the shed roof on Friday morning we had frost. First frost. Spending as much time as I can in the garden this week getting ready for Winter and moving plants about ready for next year while the earth is still warm and I remember what I meant to move!

All year I have been growing on grasses in readiness for potting them up when I did the Autumn sort of the front garden. Both gardens, front and back, need to be ruthlessly sorted over the next year, they have, as gardens do, changed . Plants grow, they don't live forever and get past their prime, after a few years it is time for a real re-examination of the look of the garden and refreshing of the plant stock. One of the great pleasures of gardening is that every year the garden looks different, but as one gets older, stiffer and a bit slower, it needs to get simpler to look after. I love grasses.

I love the way the move in the wind, shine in the sun, the insects they bring to the garden and how easy they are to look after. My front garden is hot and rather dry and a cold wind whips across it in Winter- grasses can cope with this and many other plants, as I have learned the hard way, just can't.

After a ruthless clear out and tidy-up the grasses are ready and sparkling in the morning sunshine. Now the frost is here things will change fast so, out for a look at colours and the last flowers before they are gone- the garden isn't all grasses.

Oh the pleasure of brilliant colours in the crisp low light of Autumn.


  1. Very pretty, Kate. Frost eh? I haven't seen any yet...

    Word verification = trug. Apt no?

  2. We've had frosts all week. Just love the smell of bonfires on frosty days. Wish I could have your energy in my garden!

  3. Lynne- the energy comes in bursts these days- one day working out there,several recovering!
    Love your doors- that lizard is fabulous.