Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hurray for an extra hour

I want an extra hour EVERY Sunday please. I had a whole, new, sparkly, surprising hour to get all the dull everyday stuff done before the Sunday indulgence of making /sewing /painting with the companionable Broadcasting House, Archers Omnibus, Desert Island Discs began......bliss. Guilt free making as all the chores have been done. And what have I been making?

It is a refined version of a case I made a couple of years ago to hold my templates and rulers, it is a bit silly and whimsical as it has a little kimono inside a tea house on the front and I have been asked to teach a class how to make it.

As the original was made up as I went along , aside from the kimono which I was taught to make, I've had to re-make it to work out how to teach it and to get the measurements and cutting guide right. I am reassured to note that the new one is made far better than the original, so I have learned something over the years, and I've added a few refinements, toggle buttons tied on with sari silk and a coconut shell flap button,

some extra, slightly deeper pockets

and a flap to hold things in when it is shut.

I like this new one so much, I might have to find a new use for the old one.....I know that from now on it will get dark early, the light is fading, but oh, I so enjoyed that useful extra hour.

Biscuits. 60 biscuits, all but three eaten by wave after wave of knee-high monsters,vampires and ghosts who all very politely only took one...if you live around the corner from a Primary School, you can expect visitors on Hallow'een, the zombie headless/legless/armless gingerbread men were the most popular.


  1. Great biccies, we only had three lots and so I have a huge bowl of nasty sweets left! Cute case and very handy to boot.
    Hen x

  2. That looks so complicated Kate, intriguing too. I love the fabrics.