Saturday, 8 October 2011

Stitch and Knit

Many, many ladies have, over the years, urged me to go to the Stitch and Knit Show at Alexandra Palace. When my Dental Hygienist expressed her astonishment that I still hadn't been, despite her urging me to for several years, I decided to give it a go this year. It was a beautiful day on Thursday- stunning views over London from the hill at the Palace- I'd never been there before, so it was an interesting journey on bits of the tube network I'd not done before.Tube geek? Me? Just a bit. Wood Green station is on the Piccadilly, a rather stylish line with some beautiful deco stations.Wood Green did not disappoint, some very delightful ironwork of deers and leaves- totally akin with the station's name, but bearing no resemblance to the less than sylvan busy traffic junction outside. I never cease to be impressed by the willingness to experiment of ladies- usually young- who do their make-up on a moving tube train. Anyone who has experienced the unique rattle-bang of a tube line will know exactly why doing lipstick and eyeliner/mascara on a moving tube train is an expression of quite dizzying heights of optimism. The show did not disappoint. Smashing stuff on show from textile/knitting designers , both experienced ( how excited was I when I discovered that the nice lady I was chatting to on the Sasha Kagan stand was indeed Sasha Kagan?) and just graduated and lots of stalls to shop at. I did not take my camera as it is just another thing to carry and I was doing the day without a stick ( managed too- amazing) and knew I would have bags to carry by the my lovely assistant Rita has helped me this morning to show some items of delight. I had a list. Astonishingly, I stuck to it. Admittedly it was a long list including a request from my niece to find some "manly, Goth knitting needles" for my nephew , an ambulance driver who has recently discovered the delights of knitting. After his triumph of a swiss roll for the picnic in the Knitted Garden, he has moved on to little hats, knitting the baby hats that are presented to babies born in the ambulances. I found a lovely pair of dark Rosewood needles-not too long- manly and suitably darkly Goth, from the Little Knitting Company, perfect! This shop also has some very delicious yarns.

Japanese fabrics from Euro-Japan Links,who also do lovely shashiko threads and kits.

The pins of my dreams- long, thin and also beautiful from Merchant and Mills.

Some lovely wool to make into fingerless gloves for wearing indoors ( the way forward if this Winter is like the last three....) and some for a lace scarf/shawl- a project I have been pondering for some time.

These rather beautiful yarns from Nimu are dyed in the Summer House at the bottom of her garden- lovely and unique. There were lots of yummy yarns on stands from wool shops, but I wanted to find some from an individual and I was really excited by these, particularly the thread with the little slubby bits...given the way the weather has turned abruptly into deepest Autumn this past couple of days, I can't wait to finish my current knitting project and get stuck into those fingerless gloves. She also has some gorgeous textured mohair mix- I don't get on with mohair, but almost weakened when I felt this yarn and saw the colours.

Felt sheets and stars and balls from Blooming Felt- very popular with my assistant, especially when I put them away in a kitten-sized paper bag.

Strips of woven wool blanket, cut-off edges left over from weaving...sure I can do something with these, other than make a kitten nest. These came from a rather good fabric shop, Ray-Stitch. Very delightful ladies running it and a selection of fabrics that were really original, good patterns, nice textures and a selection of brushed cottons that were, for a change, not simply pyjama fabrics- if you want some more unusual fabrics, take a look at their stock.
Gorgeous buttons from my favourite on-line button emporium, Textile Garden. Textile Garden has buttons like no other button shop, sourced from all over the world they put other button shops to shame- everyone seems to have the same buttons despite claiming they have 'exciting' or 'original' selections. Textile Garden are truly exciting and original, their ribbons and trimmings are fabulous too.

I shall finish with a picture of Team Tabby- to prove that Rita does sleep, occasionally.

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  1. Aww, how cute. I went with my sister yesterday and bought far too much fabric as usual. We also delighted in Wood Green tube station, if not Wood Green itself!
    Hen x