Monday, 24 October 2011

When Black Dog comes calling

When Black Dog comes calling he does it by stealth- sneaks up on you and, suddenly, there you are feeling that everything is just too difficult, even the simplest task is like climbing a huge mountain, all the joy goes out of even the thought of making anything and colour drains from the world.

One day you wake up and realise he has gone off elsewhere, just the odd prickly discarded whisker to remind you he may be back some time. Stuff gets done, tasks that have loomed large and long are dispatched in a morning and things get back to normal:today the desk is looking enticingly jumbled with things to make instead of mind-numbingly distressing.

Trouble is, in the weeks Mr B.Dog was in residence so much should have been done- costumes to make for Pygmalion and I daren't even think about how much I need to prepare for my Christmas Stall and Open Studio...aaaargh!

But first, a look at some colour in the sunshine- we are forecast rain and strong winds for the next few days, so the leaves and flowers may be gone very soon, enjoy them while they are here.


  1. Kate, I'm so sorry to know that you have been afflicted again, sending hugs and bright thoughts to you. I hope things have improved by now.

  2. Much better today thanks TA!Looking forward to tomorrow,even if it rains.