Sunday, 6 November 2011

Getting messy

Nothing quite as much fun as getting messy with paint and glitter glue, printing up some cards while the Archers Omnibus rolls by in the background.

Ever since my daughter alerted me to the wonderful Adam and Joe version of an episode of the Archers with everything taken out except the sighs I've been noticing the gargantuan amount of sighing on the programme and by the end of this week's particularly angst-ridden episode, I was almost weeping with laughter and having to be very careful to not make my prints go wobbly...between the sighing and the thought of the piggy football I needed great self-control.


  1. You have been busy Kate. No robins though? ;-) I like the purple and turquoise ones particularly. Are they for sale or your own use?

  2. They are for sale TA, got a Christmas Fair I'm doing next Thursday evening, so need to have a full stall for that,but after it is over they will be in my webshop....packs of five.

  3. Oh good, I shall have a look on Friday then. Good luck at the Fair.