Thursday, 3 November 2011

Its that time again....

The time for frantic making and doing so that all is ready for Christmas Stalls, Open Studio et al.This year I am very much hoping the 'the curse of Open Studio' has lifted and perhaps it won't be either -7 ( max) outside or a howling blizzard within moments of my opening for business!

First off the production line are decorations. I love making these, rooting through my stash of things that might come in handy and putting together ideas: I only make small numbers of each design as I prefer it that way and I have to say it is fun stitching away with sparkly bits, but doing the same thing over and over again isn't quite so much fun! They can be used as decorations or as gift tags and with a new kitten in the house, I shall be making some of these un-smashable decorations for myself this year.

First off the kitchen table production line this year are in traditional colours with a folky feel.

All now available either in my webshop, my etsy shop or at folksy. But I feel some rather brighter colours coming on, so watch this space...


  1. Oh you Minx, you said the C-word! I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed against flakes from the sky.