Monday, 21 November 2011

Lightening the gloom

Since November arrived the sun has gone into hiding. Ah! November 1st! Time for my annual holiday!
I live about 15 minutes walk from the Thames and the air is always damp ( except when a brisk easterly wind howls up the valley) but this November it has excelled itself. The garden is dripping wet, the river is almost permanently hugged by a layer of fog, the other side of the valley has been invisible most mornings and for much of this week, gone all day.Currently, it is raining.
So, what can bring a glow to the heart in gloomy weather? Wool.

Knitting with one of my favourite wools, Twilleys Freedom Spirit- lovely soft wool, beautiful colours and nice random effects when it is knitted up into small items.

They don't seem to do as many colours as they did when I last stocked up, so I'm very glad I bought it when I did ( stash justification-oh yes!) . A lacy scarf and fingerless gloves for my daughter and some more for a friend and oh, what a surprise, I have a few more colourways and left-over bits to get out and stroke and ponder over. I quite fancy trying a bit of fairisle with this stuff, just to see how it turns out.

More wool, but this time, fabric. A patchworking chum passed on some little squares of gentleman's suiting that she had been given, which will go rather nicely with some woolly tweedy fabric I've been thinking of making another waistcoat with- I think some patched panels...I am pondering lining it with this 'typewriter' letters fabric to continue the ' suit for the office' feel of the waistcoat, or it may become something altogether different, half the fun is working out what to do with such treasures.

But before these woolly delights can be fully indulged in, I have a rather exciting patchwork project that has to be finished. It is particularly exciting as it is one of my own designs and it is going to become rather more public than currently....more about that when the time is right. I must go and get on with it. Deadlines to meet....but before I go, a peek at some jolly Christmas brooches, coming to my various shops after Open Studio later this week.


  1. Busy, busy, always busy! Good luck for the venture.

  2. Wool is such a good antidote to misty gloom, I agree! I love that Twilley's yarn too, and have some in my stash too, it's got greens and purples in it. I made a cardigan with it a few years ago, and it's just gorgeous, the yarn I mean, the cardi isn't too bad either! Good luck with your open studio. Vanessa xxx