Monday, 14 November 2011

Welcome the visitors from Sunny Southern climes

Something has arrived through the gloom and fog of the past week, despite the grey outside, today we are feeling more cheery inside as we have visitors from Spain.

Visitors from Spain who come to us via Holland.

So, out with Autumn, much though I love my toadstools and leaves, their time is up.

Make way for Sint-

-and his Piets!

Anyone who has lived in Holland for any time will have experienced the amazement of a Dutch Christmas -Sint parades, Swartz Piets, peppernoten, sacks for the removal of naughty children and chocolate letters. We loved it so much we still get Sint and the Piets out and I have some oranje decorations to make them feel more at home on my English mantlepiece.

If you want to know more, have a listen to David Sedaris on the subject of the mystery of traditional Dutch Christmas festivities to a foreigner: once experienced, never forgotten.


  1. Erm, will you have to take those down before Christmas or will thye stay up until Epiphany?

  2. They stay up until December the 5th is over and done with,which is Dutch Christmas.Then the really serious decorating starts.