Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The weeks before Christmas are always a mix of blind panic and delightful anticipation. I really enjoy them, even when I feel I'm just not keeping up. Every year I suffer from the delusion that there are four full weeks, not three, in December before Christmas happens. Many years I'm still making presents in the week between Christmas and New Year for visitors who come later in the season (sssh! Don't tell them!). Every year I vow I will be organised: everything that needs making will be made, well in advance: I will then sit back and luxuriate in relaxing and gazing at my decorations in the weeks before Christmas. I'm way behind this year. But I do have buckets of greenery; alas, as yet, no wreath base to put it all in- details, details - and some decorations have gone up in the sitting room this evening. UP and UNBREAKABLE are the important words for this year. Young Rita would have all the tinsel and decorations off a tree in moments and Fred- who has perhaps never been in a home for Christmas before- always joins in a good game. Now he is over his days of being homeless and starving, he is built like a tank. No tree would stand a chance. Anything that is being used for decorating is up. Up HIGH. And unbreakable.
I shall not be winding tinsel around the bannisters and hanging clusters of baubles from the stair posts this year, nor will I be suspending my delicate Danish paper cut-outs within paw's reach of the windowsill and as for the bauble descending from the handle of the loo flush ( oh yes, no room too small for decorating)... caution is the name of the game this Christmas.
Having just looked in the diary I realise that if it isn't done by the end of next week it really hasn't a hope of being done...no pressure then. I shall just go and make some hot chocolate, put my feet up and revel in the anticipation before the panic starts.Or perhaps I'd better get on an finish these custom-made Christmas decorations.

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