Thursday, 15 December 2011

Felt leaves again.

These felt Oak Leaf brooches have proved popular and in between the Festive excitements I've been making a new batch of them. Available in my webshop and my folksy shop.
The weather has been so gloomy, working with colourful felts and threads and pretty beads has been a real tonic. I find doing blanket and chain stitch very relaxing. In the evenings I have been using a hand quilted quilt over my knees to keep cosy and the urge to start hand quilting again is very strong; I think that this afternoon, now the Christmas cards are all made and posted, I can justify the pleasure of getting some fabrics out, stroking them a bit and doing some planning before the light has completely gone. I have some squares already made that are crying out for a quilt.


  1. Love the colours in those quilt blocks, Kate. My sister loves the oak leaf brooch I bought from you for her and says it gets lots of compliments.
    Hen x

  2. Hello Hen- thanks for the brooch news,always nice to know about one's creations. As you can see, sludge,sludge and sludge..worrying!

  3. The leaves, and especially the quilting, are just stunning. Really beautiful! (Bananas wrapped in bacon? really? REALLY?? !) Happy Christmas!!