Friday, 30 December 2011

A Festive UFO

I have managed to snatch some time to sew over Christmas.

I've even finished a UFO.

A very soft,warm, cuddly UFO which I'm looking forward to snuggling under this evening: made using brushed cotton fabrics, hand stitched with gentle cotton shashiko threads, backed with a soft cotton weave fabric and warmly fleeced inside...perfect for a Winter's evening and it has been very pleasant hand sewing with such soft,warm materials.

I'm not alone in liking this quilt. Competition has been stiff for ownership. I've had to do the embroidery and quilting when someone isn't looking, threads waving about are just so very tempting.

I was determined to photograph this today, despite the cold,wet gloom to the point of twilight we've had all day long, so not the best of photos, but I wanted to mark the finishing of the quilt...but I was not alone...

see the big lump in the quilt? What can it be?

Whatever it is, it moves FAST....

what a surprise...Rita kitten cat.

Will I have the quilt to myself on the sofa this evening? I rather doubt it.


  1. I love your demented Rooster! But not as much as I love Rita. Happy New Year Kate, Sir and Team Tabby!

  2. And a Happy New Year to you too T.A.! Fell asleep on the armchair,new quilt over knees, Fred over quilt,Rita under quilt.