Saturday, 31 December 2011

Small stitches

The house is quiet for a day before the next onslaught of festive visitors, so a chance to make some little things.

I love making my felt leaf brooches and have created several new ones, always enjoyable to play around with different colours and threads.

This morning I made some more elaborately beaded ones with little pearly buttons on the front and brooch bars on the back instead of pins.

I think a few more of these will be made when I get some more quiet time. Have a Happy New Year.


  1. Your brooches are so pretty, Kate. I've been fiddling about with a little embroidery over the last few days, now you've inspired me even more! Hope you haven't been blown away!

  2. Stupid amounts of very noisy wind here Penny,hoping it will quieten down tonight,it was too noisy for much sleep yesterday.