Wednesday, 4 January 2012

After the Festive Rush

Once the madness of many visitors over Christmas and New Year is over, one imagines a peaceful,relaxing week- the house to oneself, plenty of left-overs to eat, no pressure to do anything... but the first week of the year creeps up behind you, knocks you for six and is always a really bonkers time. Suddenly there is a MOUNTAIN of paperwork, the house is in chaos, low Winter sunshine just emphasises the thick layer of dust that accumulated over the previous fortnight, the decorations have to come down and goodness, but the spiders enjoyed living in them and all those bits of work that could wait until after Christmas when there would be LOADS of time suddenly have to be done RIGHT NOW. Most 'first week of the year' jobs are pretty tedious and I always get the urge to Spring Clean straight after Christmas is over, but this year, sewing has to take first place in the queue of things that need doing RIGHT NOW, so the duster can stay in the cupboard. I have serious sewing stuff to do. Instructions have to be completed for the Kimono Case, the final version has to be made up and photographed- some sunshine to do this in would be helpful- there are sketches to be turned into a 3 colour silk applique cushion cover design,
a cutting board carrier design to be prototyped and also a pincushion design to be experimented with...and that is just for starters...every year I look at my lovely empty diary and hope to keep it empty, looks like this month has been hi-jacked already. I wasn't planning to go out anyway- a fierce wind is howling around the house as I type this and the rain is hammering on the windows. Outside? I think not!


  1. I can identify with all you say about the state of the house post Christmas! I really love your acanthus leaf design - I'm working on something similar for a medieval inspired ceramic piece. By the way - how can I get one of your felt leaf brooches? It's no good - I have to have one. No hurry if you've none in stock though. In a dark colour - green or blue maybe?

  2. Catherine- just go to my website-link on the right- finkstuff ,plenty to choose from there, if you use the 'contact' page and I can then email you a selection of photos of leaves in colours you might like.I have some new variations on the design I've done recently.

  3. Looks like you're off the starter mark with a bang! May 2012 be a wonderful, productive, and happy year for you Kate, it looks like it's started off that way, marvellous! Vanessa xxx

    1. Thanks Vanessa- hope your year is a good one too.Can't quite believe how much is happening already!Kate x