Sunday, 29 January 2012

Half Way

Half way through the re-design of the Autumn Leaves quilt

and the second panel is made up, this one in Jo Morton prints, so you can see how the design looks made up in different types of fabric.

I was hoping to have all four panels made by now, but it was warm last week and quite pleasant outside so the very large, nearly dead, jasmine-infested hedge enticed me into the garden and, later, up to the tip with the resultant many bags of stems, roots and dead bits. Spring, once it gets going, moves fast, so I need to take advantage of any warm days now to get the clearing done before it re-grows into the hopelessly impenetrable and tangled mass it was last year. Looks far better and with luck the hedge will re-grow now it has light, air and some better soil around its roots. Going to be cold this week, so back to the sewing!

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  1. I know just what you mean about the garden beckoning, it's the same with me, except I've been ignoring it, and feeling very guilty at the same time. Your quilt is looking absolutely splendid! Vanessa xxx