Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Phew, some sewing for the evenings.

I've finished hand sewing the Bird quilt, my Christmas knitting and the Top Secret Project ( to be revealed in February) so I've had nothing to do with my hands of an evening for a few days, which pleased Rita no end as she does like a lap in the evening . Felt a bit odd, not having anything on the go. A trip to a fabric sale and a root through my stash cupboard and hey presto! Projects...

I made this quilt a few years back and now I'm going to make it again, adjusting and improving the design, it was all a bit haphazard the first time as I made it up as I went along. I've been asked to teach it as a class, so I need to get it spot on. It was made with soft brushed cottons and the first version was backed with fleece fabric, but the new one will be backed with a lovely plaid brushed cotton fabric I found at Country Threads in Bath earlier this year.

Brushed cottons aren't that easy to find, but I love working with them, the final quilt is delightfully snuggly and the softness of hand quilting the brushed cotton is a real treat.
As is sitting on a pile of it on a sunny windowsill when your owner is trying to take a photograph.

I've had a vague idea for a Scadinavian-inspired quilt bouncing around in my head for a while now, but I hadn't got the right selection of fabrics.

I picked up these two lovely blue fabrics and a nice red stripe at Lady Sew and Sew's sale last weekend which were exactly what I was after to go with a couple of fabrics I already had.

I found myself lying awake in the wee small hours thinking about what to do for the quilt. I came up with several ideas and probably have enough of the fabrics to do all of them, inspired by trips to Stockholm and the sketches I've made at the wonderful Open Air Museum Skansen and the nearby Nordiska Museet , which has a stupendous collection of traditional textiles.

Stockholm is one of my all-time favourite places and I am really looking forward to working this quilt as it will bring back happy memories...

This panel is appliqued with bondaweb and is awaiting embroidery and quilting...I'm not sure which I enjoy more, the anticipation of starting on a project, or the actual sewing.


  1. Whoa, go Kate! Love the furry quilt, I am wanting to do an acorn/oak leaf one myself but I think it shall wait until next Autumn now. Please tell me how the sale was at Lady Sew & Sew as I really wanted to go but couldn't face the trip. Happy quilting...
    Hen x

    1. The sale was good- lots of people there and lots of fabrics- they also have them online,so worth having a look.The journey from where you are wouldn't be an easy one!They had some nice Andover 'sludge', which I succumbed to, and at very keen prices.By the way, the nearest quilting shop to Bridport is probably Hanson's of Sturminster Newton, a brilliant shop full of stitching and knitting wonder: housed in a big wharehouse and stuffed with fabrics for patchwork and carnival costumes and dressmaking fabrics and braid s adn ribbons and threads...Worth a visit next time you are down there.x

    2. Just checked- the sale fabrics are still on the website- some nice Jo Morton ones...

  2. I really like the colours in the scandinavian inspired quilty things. I have wanted to visit Stockholm for too many years, I think this will turn out fantastic!

    1. Stockholm is beautiful- the light is very clear and white and all the water in the city makes it really bright,lovely colours and shapes -many of the buildings have copper roofs,which are a wonderful shade of verdigris green.