Saturday, 21 January 2012

Things look quite different after being away in the cupboard for a few months.

Is something I've never, even after all these years, got used to. Sometimes one has a nice surprise when a long-hidden project that one thought had gone horribly wrong turns out to be not so bad and easily salvaged, but sometimes it goes the other way.
I set out to challenge myself to be accurate and disciplined and started a project last year to make sixteen really carefully pieced traditional squares. I thought I was being really accurate.The first couple of squares were OK, I felt I was doing really well, then I started to get more pernickerty and began to fussy cut, so once I'd done that, I was no longer really happy with the first two squares, but the next two squares were fine...I did six squares, got hi-jacked by other work and put them away to work on 'later'. Got them out last week, looked at them, was shocked at how inaccurate even the accurate ones were: why on earth did I think they were good when I did them? I realised I needed to start again from scratch.

So, six squares have been put together to make a little 'cat' quilt. Team Tabby are not concerned with inaccuracy, they hurl themselves upon the imperfect quilt as soon as it hits my knees/the chair/the windowsill: they are blind to the un-matched corners, the slightly mis-matched edges and blunt points...and the fact that I should have allowed an extra quarter inch on all outside edge blocks for trimming the block square...sigh. Live and learn...and start again.

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  1. Well, lucky cats! That's all I cans say. They look great to me, but I do know what you mean. When I look at my own work from two or three years ago, I remember being really pleased with it, but now I would think it was just not good enough! I think that's a good trend ... I think!