Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What's doing this week?

It has got very cold and the need for an extra layer on my hands has become more urgent, so I've started to knit some fingerless gloves with this yarn from the Stitch and Knit Show- the colours are gorgeous and the fibre is lustrous, I'm quite pleased with the way it knits up- not too stripy.

I have had to reduce the length of my 4ply friendly needles, they were about a foot long, at least six inches too long for glove knitting,which is what they are used for. A mega cheap charity shop purchase, but in need of some adaption! Two pairs made for the price of one and now with added beaded tops-slice needles with stanley knife, carefully sharpen in pencil sharpener, sand down point with the fine side of an emery board, add beads, oil and polish...perfect.

The Autumn Leaves samples continue, these are the fabrics for the next one.

The Postman has delivered some rather lovely fabrics from The Homespun Loft, which have got me thinking hard about designing a quilt or two.

I was particularly pleased to find some more of these American reproduction fabrics. I've been buying occasional quarters, when I come across them- which isn't often- with a view to making a quilt, something a bit traditional/18th century in feel, that would show off the prints, and now I have enough different fabrics to make something. I think I have decided what to do, but nothing firmed up yet Another little package arrived from The Eternal Maker with some rather jolly fabric for a small quilt and headboard for our bedroom.

When I decorated our new room a couple of years ago I knew the colour that would work for the walls, the room faces North East and I wanted something restful but not too gloomy. The walls work fine, but the old curtains from our previous, South-facing room, also 'restful', are just plain depressing in northerly light. So, new brighter curtains to be made and more colourful bed detailing to compliment them should liven it up a bit and make it relaxing, but cheerful. Not sure exactly what the design will be for these fabrics yet, but an idea is stirring, possibly an applique based on this painting.

The Swedish Garden quilt is coming along too: quite a few things on the go this week!


  1. Hi from a new follower! Gorgeous wool you've chosen for your gloves and I love those fabrics! Maggie xx

    1. Thanks Maggie-the wool is knitting up beautifully, now wishing I'd bought two skeins,not one...