Saturday, 11 February 2012

Four little words

That seem so innocent.




A day later we are ready to quilt.
I find the pinning layers together bit the hardest part of the quilt making process to get right. A new hip means I can't get down to the floor to lay out large quilts any more, even if I had the patience to make them, so I only make quilts that I can lay out on my largest table top, but even these smaller quilts challenge me to the limit. I am never happy with the result, I have a dream of a perfect, smooth, tautly pinned quilt. Possibly I am deluding myself and there is no such beast achievable on a kitchen table top, but that is what I'm aiming for.
Now for the quilting...if it is -10 again this evening, my knees will be toasty warm under my pinned three layers.


  1. 'A new hip means I can't get down to the floor'

    That is a bit of a throwaway line Kate, I haven't seen any mention of this in CSH, is it very recent?

    1. Had it about 6 years now, makes kneeling for any length of time problematic- I did push it to the limit at first but realised this was foolish when it started to clunk and complain, so now I'm nice to it! Replacement hips are fabulous, but they have limited mobility and they don't really like crawling around the floor or kneeling. Also I'm taking care of it as I really never ever want another hip operation- 4 is quite enough!

  2. Good grief, you've had four operations? I hope you never need another one.

  3. Quite.One leg opened up three times, the other twice.They did both legs at once,possibly my least favourite operation, so only four times under the knife, but five hip ops.