Thursday, 9 February 2012

When a project goes well...

It is very exciting when something goes well right from the start, though I always have a nagging panic at the back of my mind that sometime soon it will all go horribly wrong, especially if I rush things, as I tend to do when eager.
But so far, so good.

Today I've gone back to The Swedish Garden quilt - makes a nice change from all those Autumn Leaves, I really didn't want to make a start on another one just yet.

I've put together the central section of squares, edgings and the appliqe embroidered 'flowerbed'.
Some of the squares are nine-patch, some have applique hearts.

I think I'd best go for a walk now, while we are snow free and the sun is almost shining, to clear my head before starting on the small square blocks for the edging. Don't want to rush it and make mistakes!


  1. I like the chicken fabric. I've no idea how you go about making quilts, so much pattern and colour going on.

    WV made me laugh 'cowdivo' !

    1. I was very taken with the chickens- it was finding that fabric that triggered this design- going to use it to back the quilt.

  2. This quilt is beautiful. I love the fabrics and all the different elements :) Maggie xx

  3. Wonderful! Love this quilt, the fabric and colour combinations work beautifully, well done on not rushing it and taking it slowly, hard to do when you're excited! Vanessa xxx